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Sunday 27 March 2011

Accidental Flight

The robot tried to escape.
This MP3 audio book contains an unabridged reading of "Accidental Flight" by F..L. Wallace.  This story appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction magazine in April 1952.  As well an the MP3 recordings this digital download includes a scanned PDF of the magazine itself.

The Handicap Haven is an asteroid, it's also home to the "accidentals".  A collection of humaities rejects, people saved from death but multilated in ways that the delicate sensibilities of the future can not bare to look at. The Earth of the far future is a place for beautiful, young looking, perfectly formed people where the slightest imperfection is a crisis, and those that can't be "fixed" are exiled.

But the residents of the "Haven" have had enough, they are tired of living useless lonely lives. They are frustrated and angry, it can only lead to one thing. Revolution.

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