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Monday 22 July 2013

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

In 1927 the sea side town of Innsmouth was raided by police, federal agents and elements of the United States Navy. The town was cleared. Everyone was arrested yet none of the prisoners turned up in the prison system.

One man who knew the reason for the raid was sworn to secrecy. He knew the deep secrets of ancient Innsmouth, had seen the horrors that lurked within and barely escaped with his life.

Only now, many years later, when the horror has finally caught up with him, does he dare to tell the terrifying truth of the shadow over Innsmouth.

This audiobook is an unabridged reading of H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale of horror.

Running Time:  2 hours 49 minutes

Green Balls, The Adventures of a Night Bomber

Paul Bewsher was one of the founder members of an experimental unit of Night Bombers during world war one ( WWI ). Never before had an attempt been made to create a unit of specialist bombing aircraft that would operate at night over enemy territory. It was a new experience and new techniques had to be developed to carry out the missions.

In this memoir you hear of Paul's experiences crossing the lines, dodging the search lights and escaping the anti aircraft fire. He shows that the experience of the night bomber is a demanding terror filled escapade mixed with some night time scenes of astounding beauty.

Running Time :  6 hours 2 minutes

The Alton Trials

On November 7th 1837 a pro-slavery mob attacked a warehouse containing a printing press that was due for use by an abolitionist newspaper. Shots were exchanged, fire was set and stones were thrown. Elijah Lovejoy a minister inside the warehouse was killed and the rest of the defenders fled beneath a hail of bullets.

The arm of the law stepped in, and showing an astounding bias, arrested the occupants of the warehouse for riot!

This book covers the two major trials arising from the mob's attack on the warehouse. Every blow and counter of the trial, every witness is included in this blow by blow account of both trials.

Running time : 5 hours 34 minutes.