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Saturday 16 April 2011

Great Britain at War

This is a complete and unabridged MP3 audio book (talking book) of a book published in 1917 at the height of the first world war (WWI).  The author Jeffery Farnol is better know for his works of romantic fiction, but in this departure Jeffery recites the events observations and anecdotes of his tour of Great Britain's war effort.

The book follows Jeffery as he visits a number of key locations around Britain and on the continent, each demonstrating how members of English society have come together to work towards the goal of "defeating the hun".

On a visit to a naval dockyard, he reports on how the ships are being constructed, takes us on a tour of a destroyer and introduces us to the crew. He also visits a machine gun factory, and discovers how the great guns are built. His tour continues onto the continent where he visits a hospital, a training camp, and artillery battery at the front in action.

While in France he discovers  the horrors of war, learning that it's more than just guns and glory, there's blood and death close at hand.

A visit to an active aerodrome shows us the newly arrived aircraft, and from the people there we learn of their daring in combat. Finally the tour draws to an end at Ypres, knows simply as "wipers" to the troops.  A place of great history and architecture now turned to ashes and rubble. Yet, despite the destruction,  the author finds glory, honour and even hope for a better future.

This fascinating insight into Britain during the peak years of the WWI war effort is available for you to listen to in  MP3 format. Included in the package is an EPUB version of the books text.

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Monday 4 April 2011

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

This is a complete and unabridged MP3 audio book of H.P. Lovecrafts novel "The case of Charles Dexter Ward".

Charles is a young man, a young man with a passion, a driving passion, a love of the past. What starts as the curious interest of a young boy, growths up with the youth to become the obsession of the man. His friends turn their back on him, he becomes reclusive. His few new friends are dark and mysterious, ominous even.  And then... Charles starts to change.

Follow the exploits of Charles' family as they try to discover the truth about what is happening to their beloved son.  Feel their dread and despair as they aided by the family doctor, discover the horrifying truth.

This story, written in 1927 by the master of horror, is today a firm stalwart of period macabre.  The progression of the story, the revelations constantly astound and excite the mind of the reader.  A Homesian style investigation by the family doctor is as facinating as it is horrifying.

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