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Sunday 7 August 2011

How I Filmed the War

FNH Audio present this full and unabridged reading of "How I Filmed the War". During the first World War the British war office commissioned Geoffrey Malins to film the goings-on at the front. He became famous for his film of the attacks that took place during the battle of the Somme, the film being released to great acclaim.

This books tells of his exploits before, during and after the battle of the Somme. You'll hear of his extreme bravery under fire, how he crawled through the mud with the front line troops, how he stood under sniper fire and even how he flew in a aeroplane above the front line, all to get film.

The story revealed is a personal one, one mans journey under fire and amongst the men he considered heros. There are amusing anecdotes, touching moments of melancholy and death defying moments of tension.

Duration 6 hours 30 minutes
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