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Sunday 27 March 2011

Accidental Flight

The robot tried to escape.
This MP3 audio book contains an unabridged reading of "Accidental Flight" by F..L. Wallace.  This story appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction magazine in April 1952.  As well an the MP3 recordings this digital download includes a scanned PDF of the magazine itself.

The Handicap Haven is an asteroid, it's also home to the "accidentals".  A collection of humaities rejects, people saved from death but multilated in ways that the delicate sensibilities of the future can not bare to look at. The Earth of the far future is a place for beautiful, young looking, perfectly formed people where the slightest imperfection is a crisis, and those that can't be "fixed" are exiled.

But the residents of the "Haven" have had enough, they are tired of living useless lonely lives. They are frustrated and angry, it can only lead to one thing. Revolution.

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Saturday 19 March 2011

At the Mountains of Madness

Mountain of Madness?
This MP3 audiobook is a complete and unabridged reading of H.P. Lovecraft's famous story "At the Mountains of Madness".  The story is related by one of the two survivors from a polar expedition. Unlike other polar explorers who may have died from cold, starvation or simply getting lost, in this story things are somewhat different.

The survivor is desperate to prevent a new polar expedition because there are "beings" there, strange murderous beings. There are things that man should not see beyond the recently discovered mountains at the pole. Scientists listening to the story told by the survivors have assumed that the teller has gone mad because what they describe just can not be. Or can they...

The narrator relates the full story of the doomed expedition and as we listen the growing sense of curiosity we feel turns slowly to horror at the events that unfold.

This classic story first appeared as a serial in the 1936 editions of Astounding Stories magazine.  It is one of the most well known of Lovecraft's stories and a firm favourite with his fans.

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Friday 18 March 2011

The Finding of Haldgren

Chet Bullard is a hero, he has just saved the entire world from the Dark Moon, saved the world from destruction.  Rightly the powers that be wish to present him with honours, including being the first man in space.

A huge ceremony is arranged, the entire grateful world watches the stage. But what is this, Chet refuses the honour, he says he's not the first man in space!  He says Haldgren was the first!

That's how the story starts. A genuine hero rejects the honour bestowed on him and within a heartbeat is turned from hero to criminal! The powers-that-be will not be rejected and the chase is on.  Chet has to escape the officials of Earth and mount a rescue mission to find and retrieve the missing Haldgren.

This is a classic sci fi tale from the golden age of sci fi. The heros are heroic and the villains nasty and evil. This story encompasses all of the tropes of golden age the of sci fi, heros, villains, space ships, aliens and of course a damsel in distress.  If you're a fan of sci fi this book is for you.

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Wednesday 16 March 2011

The Willows

Algernon Blackwood
The MP3 audiobook presents a full reading of "The Willows" by Algernon Blackwood. This story written in 1907 has stood the test of time. It is today, just as creepy and unnerving as it was in its own time. Algernon Blackwood is probably best known for this story and another classic "The Wendigo". Although his writings do not focus on horror, he has in this case created an outstanding work in that genre. It's not blood and gore based horror, but rather a story that works on the mind.

The story follows two friends who are on a simple, relaxing canoe trip down the Danube. Stopping in towns they pass to pick up and food, and pitching a tent wherever they choose to stop for the night.  It's supposed to be a relaxing holiday.Alas for them it does not remain that way.

After the river floods, the pair find themselves riding along on a raging torrent and have to draw up the canoe on an island in mid stream. It's at this point that the author brings his real talents to bear. Through the first person narrative we are not only told the story but an unease sets in. You'll question if the narrator is reliable or perhaps under some other world influence. It's this clever technique that hooks the audience and makes this a story just as good today, as the day it was written.

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Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Insidious Dr Fu-Manchu

The evil Dr fu-Manchu
This MP3 audiobook contains a reading of the very first of the Fu-Manchu novels. Most everyone has heard of fu-Manchu even if they haven't actually read any of the novels.  He has become a cultural icon (but not in a positive way).

The  Doctor is an oriental evil genious, who specialises in the killing of anyone who he perceives as being in his way.  The evil Doctor leads an organistaion who's stated objective is the subjugation of the "white race" by the "yellow". It's a racist standpoint, but the Doctor is evil!  This book was originally published way back in 1912 and does reflect some of the attitudes of the time, the "yellow peril" is often described as a real threat within the text.

Set against the evil Dr Fu-Manchu are our two protagonists. Dr Petrie (who is not evil) is our narrator and  a companion to the dashing Nayland Smith, a special agent of the British government recently returned from overseas.  Nayland is aware of Dr Fu-Manchu's work and immediately sets out to thwart his plans.

Comparrisons to Holmes and Watson have been made in the past, and there are similarities, but this story is certainly no Holmesian clone. The villain is a genuine threat and ingenious with in. The challenges and traps that he sets reflect the evil genious that put them there and the story is full of suprises for the reader.

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Monday 14 March 2011

The Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry in the Closing Scenes of the War for the Maintenace of the Union

Col. Arnold A. Rand of the Fourth
This MP3 audio book tells the story of Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry, a regiment that was formed duing the American Civil War. It's officers were almost all experienced men and the rank and file was likewise seeded with experience.The unit served with distinction throughout its existance.

The book comes in three sections. The first tells of the "Battle at High Bridge". The Fourth were dispatched to the bridge having been told the defences would be light or non existant. The truth however was somewhat different. Not only was it defended by infantry but also dug-in artillery in a strong position.

Major Atherton H. Stevens of the Fourth
The second section tells of the part "the Fourth" played in raising the Union flag in Richmond, as told by the wife of a southern general, Major-General George E. Pickett. As the Northern army closed in, the civilian and military occupants of Richmond began pulling out. The southern troops tried to fire the town. Into this malestrom rode "the Fourth".

The final part starts with president Lincoln entering Richmond and is escorted around by "the Fourth", and then follows the Fourth as they move onto Appomattox. There they meet and escort General Lee, through the lines and on to his home.

This book is available as a digital download that contains not only a reading of the entire book in MP3 format, but also contains a written copy of the book in PDF format.

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