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Monday 14 March 2011

The Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry in the Closing Scenes of the War for the Maintenace of the Union

Col. Arnold A. Rand of the Fourth
This MP3 audio book tells the story of Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry, a regiment that was formed duing the American Civil War. It's officers were almost all experienced men and the rank and file was likewise seeded with experience.The unit served with distinction throughout its existance.

The book comes in three sections. The first tells of the "Battle at High Bridge". The Fourth were dispatched to the bridge having been told the defences would be light or non existant. The truth however was somewhat different. Not only was it defended by infantry but also dug-in artillery in a strong position.

Major Atherton H. Stevens of the Fourth
The second section tells of the part "the Fourth" played in raising the Union flag in Richmond, as told by the wife of a southern general, Major-General George E. Pickett. As the Northern army closed in, the civilian and military occupants of Richmond began pulling out. The southern troops tried to fire the town. Into this malestrom rode "the Fourth".

The final part starts with president Lincoln entering Richmond and is escorted around by "the Fourth", and then follows the Fourth as they move onto Appomattox. There they meet and escort General Lee, through the lines and on to his home.

This book is available as a digital download that contains not only a reading of the entire book in MP3 format, but also contains a written copy of the book in PDF format.

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