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Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Insidious Dr Fu-Manchu

The evil Dr fu-Manchu
This MP3 audiobook contains a reading of the very first of the Fu-Manchu novels. Most everyone has heard of fu-Manchu even if they haven't actually read any of the novels.  He has become a cultural icon (but not in a positive way).

The  Doctor is an oriental evil genious, who specialises in the killing of anyone who he perceives as being in his way.  The evil Doctor leads an organistaion who's stated objective is the subjugation of the "white race" by the "yellow". It's a racist standpoint, but the Doctor is evil!  This book was originally published way back in 1912 and does reflect some of the attitudes of the time, the "yellow peril" is often described as a real threat within the text.

Set against the evil Dr Fu-Manchu are our two protagonists. Dr Petrie (who is not evil) is our narrator and  a companion to the dashing Nayland Smith, a special agent of the British government recently returned from overseas.  Nayland is aware of Dr Fu-Manchu's work and immediately sets out to thwart his plans.

Comparrisons to Holmes and Watson have been made in the past, and there are similarities, but this story is certainly no Holmesian clone. The villain is a genuine threat and ingenious with in. The challenges and traps that he sets reflect the evil genious that put them there and the story is full of suprises for the reader.

You may purchase this audio book at LuLu £2.99

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  1. Man, I just finished this audiobook and I gotta say, its awesome! I loved the story. Do you have any plans to read the other books in the series?The whole book is one big cliff hanger going from one challenge to the next. Will Dr. Petrie win the girl? Will the elusive and fiendish doctor finally be caught and brought to justice? Buy the audiobook and listen for yourself!!