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Saturday 23 March 2013

The Secret Service Submarine

When the war with the Kaiser's best started, John Carey found himself rejected by the forces while his own brother had joined the Navy and become a hero. Due to his infirmities he found himself relegated to the role of School Teacher in a second rate establishment in the back of beyond.

Yet, in the quiet little village not everything is what it seems. Perhaps a chance for valour is just around the corner and foes could be on the knocking on your door.

The Secret Service Submarine is a ripping yarn of adventure and combat set during the first world war, where the chance for glory is just around the next corner.

Running Time: 4 hours 13 minutes

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The 101st Airborne Division's Defence of Bastogne

FNH Audio presents an unabridged reading of Colonel Ralph Mitchell's "The 101st Airborne Division's Defence of Bastogne".

This book reveals how a light infantry division, complemented by key attachments, stopped an armor-heavy German corps. Using original documents and reports, Colonel Mitchell traces the fight at Bastogne with emphasis on the organization, movement and employment of the 101st Airborne Division.

Running Time:  44 minutes

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151st Field Artillery Brigade

The 151st Field Artillery brigade trained hard for a year and a half before being dispatched to the front line in 1918.  They arrived in time to take part in the final month of the war.

In this World War One history, written by an officer of the brigade while on his way back to the United States, you'll hear about their organisation and adventures. You'll learn about their daring advance in front of the lines, how they learnt of the armistice and even follow the author as he walks no man's land on the first day of the peace.

Running Time: 56 minutes

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