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Monday 4 April 2011

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

This is a complete and unabridged MP3 audio book of H.P. Lovecrafts novel "The case of Charles Dexter Ward".

Charles is a young man, a young man with a passion, a driving passion, a love of the past. What starts as the curious interest of a young boy, growths up with the youth to become the obsession of the man. His friends turn their back on him, he becomes reclusive. His few new friends are dark and mysterious, ominous even.  And then... Charles starts to change.

Follow the exploits of Charles' family as they try to discover the truth about what is happening to their beloved son.  Feel their dread and despair as they aided by the family doctor, discover the horrifying truth.

This story, written in 1927 by the master of horror, is today a firm stalwart of period macabre.  The progression of the story, the revelations constantly astound and excite the mind of the reader.  A Homesian style investigation by the family doctor is as facinating as it is horrifying.

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